Back in November of 2015 MSS located a building who's lighting was entirely composed of T-12 Fluorescent troffers. After notifying the owner that his lighting was due for an upgrade we went in for a quick audit. We also took a look at his electricity bill and determined that he was paying .093 cents per KWH. Post audit, using his electricity rate we calculated that on average he was paying about $23,000 per year just to light the interior of his building using his old T-12 bulbs. Our goal is to keep cost low because ROI is the most important aspect of our projects. We pay close attention to what materials can be re-used during a retrofit. For this building we prescribed a retrofit that reused the current 2x4 fixture and acrylic lenses. Simply removing the old ballast, wiring, and lamps we created a perfect receptacle for instillation of 4-foot LED bulbs. Originally, with the T-12 4-lamp fixtures each of his 400 plus fixtures were drawing over 180 Watts of power, post retrofit they draw only 36 Watts. The owner was stunned to learn that by upgrading his lighting he stood to save $18,440.03 per year!!  

Payback on investment was around 1.7 years.

Installed lighting has a factory warrantee of 5 Years

Installation was completed by our team in a single night.  

Here's How We Did It:

1. Post Retrofit T-12 Hallway: 

2. Pre Retrofit, Existing T-12 Lighting:

3. First Step Was To Remove All The Old Ballast and Wiring:

4. Second Step Was To Wire The Troffer To Accept LEDs:

5. Next Step Enjoy Savings!

LED Conference Room: 

LED Hallway:




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