A Leader in Energy Management

In an aggressive energy market, businesses of every size have an opportunity to lower expenses through their energy suppliers. Energy prices are in constant fluctuation which significantly affects your energy bill. By taking a proactive approach to buying energy, you can better control your costs, and secure the best value for each of your energy dollars.  Poor energy procurement decisions can be expensive, while the  concept of energy supply procurement sounds simple enough, securing the best price and a contract that match your budget and risk-tolerance can be a complex endeavor. At Mills Systems Solutions we can aid you in controlling your energy cost through strategic purchases and energy conservation.

Energy Procurement Service Include:

  • Customized infrastructure assessment
  • Develop a cost-effective energy strategy
  • Efficiency & facility improvement
  • Rate optimization
  • Utility management 

Energy Conservation Services Include:

  • Energy evaluation
  • identify energy alternatives
  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities
  • Project management
  • Sustainability plans
  • Work with your team to develop and implement cost saving improvements
  • Develop upgrade plans for lighting, heating, cooling and other critical equipment
  • Turnkey installation of all infrastructure improvements

We Drive Energy Efficiency at All Levels.

Mills Systems Solutions is a partner that provides energy efficient, lighting, electrical and mechanical solutions & systems for  commercial and industrial properties.  Contact Us today to  to learn how you can benefit from Mills Systems Solutions energy procurement services. 


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