Benefits of Lighting Retrofits
Businesses everywhere constantly search for ways to reduce operating expenses. The good news is that energy-efficient lighting upgrades are the number one investment for single, energy-reducing technology projects. While the ROI is evidenced over the lifetime of the upgrade, it only takes an average of two years for the upgrades to pay for themselves with lighting retrofits. The following are excellent reasons to consider a lighting retrofit for your business or company,

Favorable Tax Incentives and Rebates
Check with federal, state and local programs for available incentives that reward lighting retrofits for new construction and existing renovations. The Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction, for those who qualify, helps cut retrofitting costs by allowing first-year tax write-offs instead of having to wait for several years of depreciation. 

Safety Improvements
High-quality lighting speaks for itself in terms of safety improvements. Companies can benefit through improved safety, reduced accidents and productivity increases. Lighting retrofits can offer better lighting characteristics like improved color, lighting capacity and flicker reduction. 

Environmental Benefits
Lighting retrofits go far beyond the benefits of reducing your utility bill. Environmental benefits include less electricity used, a reduction in CO2 pollutants and conservation of a host of other natural resources. New lighting technologies consist of advanced materials that reduce the risk of fire hazard and last longer. Longer lasting lights will result in fewer landfills.

Aesthetic Benefits
There is also an aesthetic value associated with new, retrofitted lights. Higher levels of personal comfort along with an enhanced ability to perform tasks is an immediate result. Poorly-executed lighting can alter color perception, change the appearance of merchandise and ultimately affect work performance. Poor lighting can also affect a customer's intuitive perception of the organization.

Improvements in lighting technology have also led the increased life expectancy of components. Longer life also means fewer lighting failures and maintenance; all which appeal to businesses looking for ways to reduce operational costs. A retrofit proposal can reveal all the projected energy cost savings the will give you a solid return on your company's investment. Your company can make a well-informed decision and get on board with improved energy saving efficiency.

We Drive Energy Efficiency at All Levels.
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